Shaping Bright Futures for Learners with Autism

At AIA Preparatory Academy, we are dedicated to providing a specialized Montessori education tailored for learners with Autism, from Preschool through 3rd grade. Here, each classroom door opens to a world where education is synonymous with individual care and attention, ensuring your child isn't just another face in the crowd but a unique individual with limitless potential.

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A Curriculum That Understands

Our approach combines the esteemed Montessori method with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), fostering an environment conducive to the learning styles and strengths of our learners. Our serene, low-stimuli classrooms are designed with the needs of each learner in mind, ensuring a space where they can thrive without overwhelming sensory distractions.


Exceptional Instructors for Exceptional Learners

Our masters-level instructors are not just educators; they are mentors and advocates for our learners. With board certification and extensive training in both Montessori methods and ABA techniques, they craft learning experiences that advance the individual strengths of each child.


An Inclusive Tapestry of Cultures

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our teaching staff, as it reflects the multifaceted society we live in. This variety ensures a rich educational tapestry, offering a custom-fit educational experience that honors the unique social needs of learners with autism.

The AIA Preparatory Academy Difference

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Specialized Montessori Curriculum

Tailored for the needs of learners with autism, integrating ABA to support each child's journey.

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Unique Socialization Activities

With our AIA social club, your child will engage in carefully chosen social activities that enhance growth and connectivity.

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Diverse, Cultured Educators

A plethora of backgrounds in our educators means a broader understanding of different learning needs.

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Sensory Friendly Learning

Classrooms are crafted to mitigate sensory overload, creating an optimal learning environment.

Our Mission and Vision

We aim to set the standard in autism education, fostering a world where learners with autism achieve independence and joy in learning. With inclusivity at the forefront, we strive for an environment that cherishes each child's individual journey of self-discovery and academic growth. Discover a place where learners with autism are understood, supported, and inspired. Welcome to AIA Preparatory Academy, where each step your child takes is a leap towards a brighter future.


Join Our AIA Family

Choosing AIA Preparatory Academy is choosing a partnership in your child's education. We invite you to become an integral part of this journey, to witness and contribute to the unfolding of your child's potential. Let's embrace the future together with confidence and assurance in the educational choices we make today.

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