Enrollment at AIA Preparatory Academy

At AIA Preparatory Academy, we open doors to an inclusive, high-quality education tailored for learners with Autism, combining the Montessori method with a high-end clinical setting for Kindergarten through 3rd grade.



The Path to Individualized Education Starts Here

Embark on the pre-registration journey at AIA Preparatory Academy by submitting an inquiry through our online form. Our pre-registration process is designed to be as seamless as possible, giving parents the peace of mind they deserve.

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Tuition-Free Learning

Quality Education Accessible to All

AIA Preparatory Academy believes in the right to exceptional education for all learners with Autism. We proudly offer tuition-free enrollment options because we recognize the importance of accessible, specialized education in nurturing the full potential of every child.

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The AIA Preparatory Advantage


Montessori in a Clinical Setting

Our Montessori-style classrooms are customized with selective toys and socialization choices to enhance a low-stimulus environment. Here, the needs of your child are always at the forefront.


Expertise in Education

Masters-level educators, all board-certified, bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to their roles, ensuring that each learner with Autism receives the highest standard of educational guidance.


A Commitment to Calm

Our learning spaces are specifically designed to reduce overstimulation, creating a calm atmosphere that allows learners with Autism to focus and thrive.


A World of Diversity

With instructors from a myriad of cultures, we ensure a rich learning environment, enabling the best possible match for each learner's unique requirements.

Why Choose AIA Preparatory Academy?

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Highly-Trained Staff

Masters-level, board-certified instructors with expertise in Montessori education and ABA principles.


Tailored Learning

Individualized education plans align with each learner’s needs.


Inclusive Culture

Diversity and inclusivity are celebrated, fostering an environment where every learner with Autism can shine.



Our methods are rooted in proven strategies to foster life skills, communication, and independence.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to empower children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in a nurturing, inclusive, and sensory-friendly environment. Our vision is to set the gold standard in autism education, creating a community where every learner can pursue their passion and achieve their full potential.

Embrace the AIA Journey

Begin your child’s journey to a brighter future. Experience the AIA Preparatory difference, where education is a thoughtful blend of clinical expertise and Montessori compassion, always putting the learner first.

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