Why Choose AIA Preparatory Academy for Your Learner with Autism

At AIA Preparatory Academy, we stand apart from other educational institutions through our unique blend of Montessori methods and specialized support for learners with autism. Here, each learner is not just taught; they are understood, guided, and celebrated.


Expertise in Education and Support

Our academy is proud to have Clinical Instructors on staff who possess not only Master’s level certification and also RBT training. This specialized team works alongside our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) who meticulously oversee each learner's IEPs and behavioral plans, ensuring personalized attention and progress.


A Montessori Method Tailored for Learners with Autism

We embrace an accredited Montessori teaching model, integrating its philosophy with strategies that address the needs of learners with autism. This synthesis creates a rich educational tapestry that honors each child's developmental pace and interests.


High-End Clinical Setting

Learners at AIA Preparatory Academy benefit from a Montessori style high-end clinical setting, thoughtfully designed to offer selective toy and socialization options that cater to the unique preferences and needs of each child.


Masterful Instructors

Every instructor at AIA brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to the classroom. With Masters level education and board certifications, they are adept at creating an engaging, low-stimulus environment that prioritizes the learner’s comfort and learning.


Cultural Diversity and Sensory Respect

Our diverse team of instructors ensures a sensitive match for each unique learner, providing a global and inclusive perspective. Classrooms are sensory-friendly havens where calm and focus pave the way for learning and self-discovery.

Our Mission and Vision

At the heart of AIA Preparatory Academy is a mission to empower children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in a nurturing, inclusive, and sensory-friendly environment that respects and embraces each student's abilities, strengths, and challenges. Our vision is to lead in specialized education, nurturing our students to build connections and contribute positively to society.


An Inclusive Environment for Learning

Our classrooms are spaces of inclusivity and individualized learning. They are carefully designed to foster autonomy and exploration while being sensitive to sensory needs. From the welcoming waterfall at our entrance to our sensory-friendly classrooms and diverse activity rooms, we prioritize a setting where learners with autism can thrive.

Join the AIA Preparatory Community

If you are a parent of a kindergarten through 3rd learner with autism and are seeking an educational experience that will honor and elevate your child's unique learning journey, consider AIA Preparatory Academy.

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